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Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Make money online or by working from home

Begsoft has been developed by a man named Tony Benjamin. He has been a leader in the internet marketing and make money online industry for several years. He realized that there were some people that made a lot of money online, however success stories were few and far between. So with Begsoft it looks like he has basically reinvented the wheel so to speak.

He has created a free membership site and called it Begsoft. Inside the Begsoft site you are given 2 simple steps to follow. These steps are simply, sign up, then promote the program. Sound easy? Well it is!
The initial cost for this is $15 and then there is no more to pay ever! You earn an income from everybody you refer 10 levels deep. If you refer just 5 people by the 10th level you have referred 9,765,625 members, and considering you get $1 for each member you refer that's not bad!!!

So what makes Begsoft different?

Tony has simplified everything and has basically said you bring 5 paying members in and your job is done. It is the responsibility of those 5 to do their job and it goes on from there building a down line for you with minimal work.

There are so many MLM programs out there that you can easily get sidetracked. Begsoft is designed to keep you focused and if you complete the steps in the time allocated then there appears to be no reason for you not to succeed.

Can you be successful with this? I believe if you put the time and effort into it and treat it like a business. No one is going to give you a minimum of $6000 a month without some effort. You need to understand how to promote it and the Begsoft team will help you with this every step of the way!

This is catered for everyone and if you join this opportunity be prepared to work for a short while if you want a residual income for the rest of your life.

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

STRATEGY FOR CHILDREN cooed brush your teeth

Which parent is not proud to see the young toddler teeth strong, healthy and shiny. Of course all parents crave dental health of their children. Unfortunately, not all parents diligently teach them to brush their teeth at the same time to condition her. Since iti, try gently persuade young children brush their teeth at least 2 times a day in the morning after waking and at bedtime.
Lack of dental care of children can cause a severe risk. Starting from cavities, porous, and black-colored teeth. In terms of aesthetics or even missing teeth grow crooked crowded and can reduce the child's confidence. Prevention of these conditions is simple, ie, with dental hygiene. Activities brushing twice daily, morning after breakfast and at night before bed proved to reduce tooth decay of children.
The problem is the kids always feel no fun brushing activity. Sleepiness at night jugamenyebabkan lazy boy brushing his teeth before bed. Therefore, parents must be patient and consistent in instilling a habit of brushing teeth.
According to child psychologist Priscilla Fabiola "Applying habits in children is needed its own technique. The way that the main thing is to create environments and activities that are fun for kids"
Parents can teach children the importance of clean teeth every morning and evening with an inspiring and enjoyable way. But most important, of course, parents provide concrete examples as to see our children will enjoy and toothbrush perceive as fun.
Examples of people who learned the child is around it will be more controlled when accompanied by exercise. Karean it, do not expect immediate skilled toddlers clean their teeth once taught. Let him understand and then practice it.
People can also attract children will be brushing activities by providing a toothbrush with interesting images, creating a fun atmosphere, frequent brushing activities together, and do not forget to praise the behavior. In addition to brushing your child's teeth should be sent to the dentist at least 6 months, terutam during the turn of the milk teeth to permanent teeth. Good dental care for children ..

Selasa, 21 Desember 2010


            Usia senja tak bisa dihindari oleh setiap orang. Yang membedakan ada orang yang memasuki usia senja dalam kondisi sakit-sakitan, dan ada pula yang tetap bugar dan jarang sakit. Nah tentu setiap orang maunya tetap bugar di usia senja dong? Syukur-syukur diusia tetap produktif dan dapat menikmati aktifitas seksual dengan stamina terjaga, meski disisi lain mengalami proses andropouse, caranya?
            Ketika pasangan anda mulai menginjak usia 40 tahun atau lebih, gejala andropouse (berhentinya proses fisiologis kaum pria) akan mulai mengintainya. Seperti apa saja gejala dan benarkah pil biru dapat mengatasi andropouse? jika menjelang memasuki usia senja perempuan akan mengalami menopouse, maka pria akan mengalami andropouse diusia ini.
           Sayangnya gejala-gejala andropouse tidak sejelas menopouse yang bisa terlihat secara fisik, yaitu berhentinya siklus menstruasi. Nah agar tidak salah kaprah Dr Anita Gunawan MS.Sp.And seorang ahli andrologi yamh praktik di Rumah Sakit Pusat Pertamina (RSPP) akan memberikan penjelasannya mengenai Andropouse, sekaligus cara mengatasinya.
Andropouse mulai dikenal didunia kedokteran pada tahun 1940-an. Kata andropouse diambil dri bahasa Yunani, yaitu Andro yang berarti pria dan pause yang artinya penghentian. Jadi andropause bisa diartikan sebagai berhentinya proses fisiologis pada pria. Menurut Anita, andropause merupakan proses alami yang terjadi seiring bertambahnya usia pada pria.
           Didunia kedokteran, istilah andropause juga dikenal dengan nama Partial Androgen Deficiency In Aging Male (PADAM). Gejala PADAM ini terjadi ketika produksi hormon testosteron, growth hormone, dan hormon melantoninmenurun, sementara hormon prolaktin meningkat. Perubahan kadar hormon ini mengakibatkan terjadinya andropause yang ditandai oleh perubahan yang dapat terlihat secara fisik. Misalnya tubuh terasa panas,berkeringat terus-menerus, mudah lelah, insomnia, gelisah, dan timbul rasa takut.
             emosi bisa labil dan moody yang tanpa disadari orang tersebut. oleh karena itu biasanya pria yang tengah mengalami andropause ini mudah tersinggung.
Suasana hati yang berubah ini, biasanya membuat pria menjadi kehilangan rasa bpercaya diri, penurunan motivasi, hingga deperesi. Gejala-gejala yang lain dari androgen juga bisa menyerang vitalitas pria seperti berkurangnya tenaga, menurunnya kekuatan dan massa otot, penumpukan lemak, kehilangan rambut tumbuh, hingga osteoporosis.
            Akan tetapi, gejala-gejala diatas jarang sekali disadarikaum pria yang ternyata dirinya sudah terkena andropause.
            Menurunnya libido dan disfungsi ereksi adalah beberapa contoh gangguan fungsi seksual yang disebabkan menurunnya kadar testosteron dibawah angka normal. Wajar saja jika gangguan semacam ini dapat membangunkan pria dari tidurnya, karena bagaimanapunmasalah seks merupakan hal penting bagi pria.
gejala puber kedua bisa juga merukan gejala andropause karena adanya perubahan tingkah laku karena pria ingin menunjukkan dirinya masih gagah perkasa atau jantan.
Selain itu oleh karena gejala-gejalanya terjadi secara perlahan dan tidak sekaligus, pria sering terlambat menyadari jika andropause sudah mengintainya. Apalagi usia diatas 40 tahun pada umumnya pria sedang berada dalam tahap pencapaian target dan peningkatan kualitas dalam hidupnya. Hal ini menjadikan pria jadi kebingungan untuk membedakan, perubahan yang terjadi pada tubuhnya bukan hanya dipengaruhi kondisi eksternal tetapi juga berasal dari dalam tubuhnya juga.

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

women are more susceptible to osteoporosis

           Data Center for Research and development of nutritional health ministries showed 90% of women have symptoms of osteoporosis, 32% of whom had osteoporosis. As for the men as much as 41.8 percent of the onset of symptoms, 28.8% percent of them had osteoporosis. Why a higher prevalence of women? This disebebkan most Indonesian women lack 50% daily calcium requirement. Survey European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007, the average daily calcium intake of 293 mg per day Indonesian women. Ideally, the daily requirement of calcium for a woman is 1000 mg / day according to the RDA. The best sources of calcium are foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, anchovy, shrimp rebon, nuts, tempeh or drinking milk. Review from TROPMED SEAMEO Regional Center for Community Nutrition, University of Indonesia it appears logical and University of Otago New Zealand. concludes that most Indonesian women consume only 270-500 mg / day, so it is not surprising that 2 days of Indonesian women at risk for osteoporosis. Currently, osteoporosis is a major health risk not only in Indonesia but in Asia because of increasing human population and life expectancy. Half of the fractures resulting from osteoporosis which occurs in the world will appear ASIA 2050, a widespread vitamin D deficiency and low calcium intake. Nutritionist and Health Research Senior Research Manager of Fonterra Brands, John Todd.

Why Calcium? Calcium is a mineral element that most numerous in the body. At 70 kg body weight there were approximately 1.200 grams of calcium yag 99% are in the skeleton, while 1% were in other tissues and body fluids that are widely distributed throughout the body.
Facts show that people suffering from osteoporosis previously unaware that a period of growth and bone development will cease at age 30 years and thereafter declined naturally. For that awareness should be fostered fulfillment of calcium should be done early.

Calcium will help the process of blood clotting and become a catalyst for a variety of biological processes in the body and maintain cell membrane function. In order to maintain the balance of calcium intake is needed more than 1,200 grams / day for 51 years of age or older, and 1000 g / hr for 19-50 years. For children who are the body, calcium absorption can mencapai75% so if the lack of kalsiumtubuh will mengambik reserves in the bone bank. So the longer, the more calcium is taken, bones thinned and then porous.


         Data Pusat Penelitian dan pengembangan gizi kementrian kesehatan menunjukkan 90 % perempuan memiliki gejala osteoporosis, 32 % diantaranya sudah osteoporosis. Sedangkan untuk kaum pria sebanyak 41,8 persen muncul gejala, 28,8 % persen diantaranya sudah osteoporosis. Kenapa prevelansi perempuan lebih tinggi? ini disebebkan sebagian besar wanita Indonesia kekurangan 50 % kebutuhan kalsium hariannya. Survey European Journal of Clinical Nutrition pada 2007, rata-rata asupan kalsium harian perempuan indonesia 293 mg perhari. Idealnya kebutuhan harian kalsium untuk seorang wanita adalah 1000 mg/hari sesuai dengan AKG. Sumber kalsium yang terbaik adalah makanan seperti susu, keju, yoghurt,teri,udang rebon, kacang-kacangan tempe atau minum susu. Kajian dari Seameo Tropmed Regional Center for community Nutrition, Universitas Indoesia dan University of Otago Selandia baru. menyimpulkan bahwa sebagian besar perempuan indonesia hanya mengonsumsi 270-500 mg/hari, sehingga tidak mengherankan bila 2 hari perempuan indonesia beresiko terkena osteoporosis. Saat ini osteoporosis merupakan resiko kesehatan utama tidak hanya di indonesia tapi di asia karena peningkatan populasi dan harapan hidup manusia. Setengah dari patah tulang akibat dari osteoporosis yang terjadi didunia akan muncul diasia pada tahun 2050, kekurangan vitamin D yang meluas dan asupan kalsium yang rendah. Riset Nutritionist and senior health Research Manager Fonterra Brands, John Todd.
         Kenapa Kalsium? kalsium merupakan elemen mineral yang paling banyak terdapat didalam tubuh. Pada berat tubuh 70 kg terdapat kurang lebih 1,200 gram kalsium yag 99 % berada dalam tulang rangka, sedangkan 1 % berada didalam jaringan lain dan cairan tubuh yang secara luas didistribusikan ke seluruh tubuh.
Fakta menunjukkan masyarakat yang menderita osteoporosis sebelumnya kurang menyadari bahwa masa pertumbuhan dan perkembangan tulang akan berhenti pada usia 30 tahun dan setelah itu menurun secara alamiah. Untuk itu kesadaran harus dipupuk pemenuhan kalsium harus dilakukan sejak dini.
         Kalsium akan membantu proses pembekuan darah dan menjadi katalisator berbagai proses biologi dalam tubuh dan mempertahankan fungsi membran sel. Agar bisa mempertahankan keseimbangan kalsium diperlukan intake lebih dari 1.200 gr/hari untuk usia 51 tahun keatas, dan 1000 gr/hr untuk 19-50 tahun. Untuk anak-anak yang sedang tubuh, absorbsi kalsium dapat mencapai75 % sehingga jika kekurangan kalsiumtubuh akan mengambik cadangan di bank tulang. Sehingga semakin lama, akan semakin banyak kalsium diambil, tulang semakin tipis dan kemudian keropos.